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The AIM SPORTS INCORPORATION®  is a firearm accessories manufacturer and distributor in the USA. They provide custom accesories for AR, Shotguns and Pistols.



Established in 2007, Aim Sports Inc. has become a premier manufacturer of firearms accessories worldwide. Our mission is to innovate and produce affordable quality products designed to meet the needs of both the beginner and advanced shooter. We manufacture both standard and unique products designed to improve the functionality and performance for some of the most popular firearm platforms.

Never afraid to introduce unique items to even the narrowest segments of the shooting sports world, we continue to keep our ears to the ground for feedback in our ever improving and ever expanding product line. Our design team has decades of experience, from law enforcement to competition shooting, and everything in between. With the drive to stay on the cutting edge, we are sensitive to the trends and new directions of this rapidly evolving industry. Whether it is unique modifications for classic surplus rifles, or KeyMod and M-LOK® compatible rail systems, our customers know why Aim Sports products are sold on five continents, and why consumer loyalty drives us to introduce increasingly advanced firearm accessories each year.




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