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Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc. (ATS) announces the release of the newest addition to its growing line of high quality drop-in parts for the Smith & Wesson M&P pistol line; the Reset Assist Mechanism (RAM). The RAM, which can be easily installed without the need for special tools, takes the M&P to new levels of shootability by producing a positive tactile sense of trigger reset that alerts the shooter that the trigger is past the reset point and ready to fire again.

“Improving the reset feel of the M&P trigger has been a major goal for us at Apex. The new Reset Assist Mechanism we developed gives shooters that positive, tactile feedback they look for in a trigger. This is particularly important to tactical and competition shooters who rely on a positive reset feel to help guide their trigger manipulation, especially during rapid fire situations,” said Randy Lee, president of Apex Tactical Specialties and designer of the RAM.

Additionally, the patent pending design of the RAM functions as a fail-safe device in the event of a Trigger Return Spring breakage. The RAM maintains trigger bar alignment under the Sear, allowing the shooter to manually reset the trigger between shots in the event of an emergency.

“Because so many of our customers are in law enforcement, where the M&P pistol is in wide and growing use as a standard issue duty sidearm, when presented with the opportunity to engineer the RAM to provide a fail-safe in the event of return spring breakage, we jumped on it. Increasing the reliability of an already reliable pistol is a win-win no matter who you are,” explained Lee.
Made in the USA from the best materials and to Apex’s exacting standards, the RAM is available for Smith & Wesson M&P pistols that do not include a thumb safety and are chambered in 9mm, .40S&W or .357SIG. Models for thumb safety equipped pistols and the .45ACP models are in development.

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