Produkte von BUL ARMORY

We at BUL Ltd have been producing and specializing in the manufacturing of pistols since 1990. The company built its reputation on the legendary BUL M5 pistol, which at the time was revolutionary.  One of the first high capacity polymer framed 1911 to hit the market which utilized innovative plastic injection molding techniques. In the many years that have passed since our line has grown and caters for law enforcement, military and self-defense purposes.  Let us not forget the custom pistols for all 1911 addicts as well as competitive shooters and collectors. Most of us here at BUL, live, breathe and shoot pistols on a daily basis. Whether working on a customer’s order, training with our gun club or taking partin national or international IPSC matches. Add to that our proven old time legacy and design, state of the art materials,  machinery and technology, combined with superb craftsmanship that only our master gunsmiths can deliver. All these things combined give us that extra edge of understanding what our client’s needs and dreams are and allow us to deliver exactly that.

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