DPMS G2 SASS .308 WIN 18‘‘

DPMS G2 SASS .308 WIN 18‘‘
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  DPMS (Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services) was founded in 1985 by Randy Luth... mehr
Produktinformationen "DPMS G2 SASS .308 WIN 18‘‘"


DPMS (Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services) was founded in 1985 by Randy Luth as a small government contract consulting company. The company served as a precision machine shop manufacturing M-16, M-14 and M203 parts for Army contracts. During this time, Mr. Luth also brokered M-16/AR-15 Mil Spec parts for the commercial markets.

After four years, DPMS began focusing on the sale of .45/1911 & AR-15 parts, kits and accessories.  As DPMS began designing and manufacturing rifle accessories, it became obvious that an acquisition was the best path to continued growth. A manufacturer of lower receivers was purchased and, with DPMS’ ability to machine its own precision barrels, the DPMS line of AR-15/M-16 rifles was born.


Today, DPMS Firearms is located in St. Cloud, Minnesota and ranks as the second-largest manufacturer of AR-15 rifles*. DPMS currently holds four U.S. patents for innovative AR-15 rifle products. An additional patent is pending. DPMS firearms and patented accessories are currently in use worldwide by law enforcement agencies, military personnel and civilians, including U.S. Border Patrol officers and America's top competitive shooters and big game hunters.

DPMS the company created Team DPMS, a group of world-renowned competitive shooters. This elite group competes with DPMS rifles in shooting competitions across the country. Team DPMS members have included Randy Luth, Jerry Miculek, Bruce Piatt, Al Greco, Jim Clark, Jr., Tony Holmes, David Neth, Deb Cheek, Charles "Tate" Moots, James Darst, and Wayne Holloway.


  • Fabrikneues DPMS G2 SASS 
  • Halbautomatisches Selbstladegewehr aus ziviler Neufertigung
  • Matchabzug
  • Beidseitige Sicherung
  • Upper Receiver: Forged 7075 T6 Level 3
  • Teflonbeschichtet 
  • Kaliber: .308 WIN
  • Lauflänge: 18,00 Zoll
  • Gefluteter Matchlauf
  • Laufmaterial 416er Stainless Steel-Lauf
  • Drall 1:10
  • Gesamtlänge: 99cm
  • Gewicht: 4800 g
  • Mündungsgewinde 5/8X24 
  • Quad-Rail Handguard
  • Magul® PRS Rifle Stock
  • Magul® MBUS Flip-Up Visierung
  • PANTHER Tactical Sniper Grip
  • HARRIS Bipod + Adapter
  • 10 Schuss Magazin
  • Inklusive Flash Hider
  • KAT B
  • Händlersuche ☜


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