FAXON Ascent .300 BLK Pistol 10.5"

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  Faxon Firearms has long been known for bringing quality and value to our customers... mehr
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Faxon Firearms has long been known for bringing quality and value to our customers when it comes to purchasing parts for their rifle builds. Faxon is taking things to the next level and bringing that same quality and value to the modern sporting rifle market.

Are you a first-time buyer, or in search of a value priced rifle offering? Check out the First Line. Looking for a more specialized rifle configuration for competition, training, or defensive use? The Summit Line is for you!

The Faxon Ascent AR15 Pistol is the perfect choice for the First time AR buyer. As part of Faxon's First Line, the Ascent Rifle is feature packed while maintaining a great value for the customer. The Ascent series of firearms feature upgrades that are typically found on more expensive rifles, but at a price point the average American can afford. Ascent Rifles make for a great foundation for future upgrades while featuring our renowned barrels, nitrided M16 BCGs, enhanced forged receiver sets w/ tensioning screw, and a free floated M-LOK handguard.  

 Faxon Ascent 10.5" .300 BLK AR15 Pistol: 

  • 10.5" .300 Blackout Gunner Profile Barrel - Nitride Coated
  • Enhanced Forged Receiver Set w/ Tensioning Screw
  • Nitrided M16 BCG w/ Superfinish
  • 9" M-LOK Aluminum Handguard
  • SBA3 Adjustable Pistol Brace
  • Pistol Gas System
  • Mil-Spec Charging Handle
  • A2 Pistol Grip
  • A2 Birdcage Flash Hider
  • Pistol Weight(unloaded): 5.3 lbs
  • 30rd or 10rd Magazine

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