JP-15™ Patrol Ready Rifle 16" .223 Wylde 16"

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  JP-15™ Duty Rifles While we pride ourselves on the cosmetics and attention to... mehr
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JP-15™ Duty Rifles

While we pride ourselves on the cosmetics and attention to detail we put into our rifles, we realize that there are many kinds of shooters out there with different needs. Most duty operators we talk to want the renowned JP parts and build quality without worrying about their gun being pretty.

To meet that need, we have our duty-ready line of JP-15 rifles. By eliminating the time-consuming barrel/comp blend and the Thermo-Fit™ of the barrel to the upper receiver, we can offer a rifle that still delivers MOA or better performance at a significant savings.

These rifles have all the performance components and workmanship of any other JP rifle but at a price that competes with many lower-grade production rifles from other manufacturers.

Not that most patrol rifle ammunition is not optimized for accuracy and will not product the best performance from our rifles. See our accuracy statement for more information.

JP-15™ Patrol Ready Rifle


The JP-15™ Patrol Rifle is the ultimate value in a patrol carbine, providing major capability for the price. We based this configuration off decades of feedback from law enforcement agencies using similar platforms. If you are looking for the ideal entry carbine or home defense rifle that gives you more, look no further. Add your favorite optic and back up iron sights and you are ready to hit the range.

Receivers Forged JP-15™ upper and lower set >>>
Finish Matte Black
Caliber .223 Wylde
Barrel 16" Supermatch™ | light contour | 1:8 twist | mid gas system >>>
Muzzle Flash Hider >>>
Barrel Finish Black Teflon® | JP Double Crush Washer
Heat Sink n/a
Hand Guard MK III Signature Series | Rifle (12.5” OAL) >>>
Charging Handle Standard top-charge handle
Gas System Locking adjustment | low profile >>>
Operating System FMOS™ QPQ stainless steel bolt carrier | EnhancedBolt™ >>>
Buffer Standard buffer assembly | JP Tuned and Polished Buffer Spring >>>
Trigger 4.0-4.5 lbs. | Curved >>>
Stock Hogue Overmolded Carbine >>>
Grip A2
Accessories Small-frame accessory pack, QD sling swivel, 2” front sight rail
Length (min.) 34 in.
Weight 6.6 lbs.




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