JP Flat-Top Ultralight Scope Mount 30mm/1 Extended

JP Flat-Top Ultralight Scope Mount 30mm/1 Extended
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  • JPFTSM-30-1E
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JP Flat-Top Scope Mount

The design goal of our extended eye relief scope mount was to take advantage of the generous eye relief found in the new generation of 1-4x, 1-6x and 1-8x rifle scopes ideally suited to practical rifle applications, whether field or competition. Used at 1x, the scope itself will effectively disappear from view to allow function similar to a true 1x dot sight. This technique, though, requires the scope to be mounted farther forward than usual, which is difficult to do with standard mounts without bridging the receiver and hand guard rail. This, of course, can be cumbersome and lead to possible POI shift due to flex in the hand guard.

This modified version of our classic scope mount solves these issues by allowing for proper head position and cheek weld while still mounting entirely to the upper receiver for greater stability and accuracy. What's more, this forward mounting capability is ideal for shooters preferring a more abbreviated stock configuration for a faster mount and more versatility in compromised positions.

The extended eye relief JP Flat-Top Scope Mount attaches to any standard Picatinny rail and features an integrated recoil lug for stability. Ideal for AR applications, its intermediate height can accommodate up to a 56mm objective while the mount rings will fit any 30mm scope tube by default or any 1" scope tube when used with the included ring adapters. One mounting strap can also be replaced with the JPA-SM30/1C for piggyback mounting of the JPoint Microelectronic reflex sight with the optional use of the JPA-GUARD protective wings..


  • Weight: 7.7 oz.
  • Height to centerline: 1.47" over rail.
  • Total height over rail: 2.70" (small-frame), 2.80" (most large-frame)
  • Attachment: 5x countersunk flat-head screws on clamp piece, 4x 6-32 cap screws on each ring strap (Torx keys included)
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