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  Always on the cutting edge, Aim Sports Inc is proud to announce our newest optics... mehr
Produktinformationen "AIM SPORTS ALPHA 6™ RIFLESCOPE 4.5-27x50 MR1 MRAD"


Always on the cutting edge, Aim Sports Inc is proud to announce our newest optics line. With etched reticles and high definition glass, this 6x series of second focal plane scopes bring professional grade features and performance previously not seen in it’s price class. Designed to accommodate most common shooting distances. 

Full illuminated Red reticle!


  • Superior in-class ocular performance HD glass provides maximum light transmission for brighter, clearer images under low light conditions
  • Red illuminated full reticle
  • 6 brightness settings
  • Solid one-piece black anodized 30 mm body tube, built from aluminum
  • Argon purged and sealed for maximum fog and water proofing
  • Zeroable, Locking Windage and Elevation knobs offer audible and tactile adjustments
  • Glass etched MR1 milliradian reticle
  • Focus parallax adjustment
  • 3” sunshade
  • CR2032 Battery

  Reticle Details:

  • MRAD (Milliradian)
  • MRAD like the MOA is an angular unit of measure at distance.  What makes MRAD more widely accepted throughout the world is its ability to work with any measurement system. Simply put 1 Mil is equal to 1 unit of measure at 1000 units of measure. Examples (Yards: 1 yard at 1000 yards or 18” at 500 yards, 9” at 250 yards, etc.)  (Meters:  1 meter (100 cm) at 1000 meters,  50 cm at 500 meters, 25 cm at 250 meters, etc.)  
  • Second Focal Plane
  • The second focal plane reticle is calibrated at 10x magnification and must be set at this power level in order to be accurate.

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