SUREFIRE XC1-B Ultra-Compact Everyday Carry Handgun WeaponLight

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  • XC1-B
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  Features: The extremely effective and compact concealed-carry WeaponLight... mehr
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  • The extremely effective and compact concealed-carry WeaponLight
  • High-performance LED delivers 300 lumens, powered by a single AAA battery
  • Improved constant-on activation by tapping either one of the momentary switches
  • Lightweight and ultra-compact; ideal for concealed-carry use
  • Securely attaches to most Universal-rail-equipped handguns
  • High-performance LED generates 300 lumens of tactical-level light


Keep It Simple. SureFire’s smallest and lightest weight WeaponLight couldn’t be simpler to use. Developed to fit compact, railed handguns, it delivers 300 lumens from a single AAA battery. Our proprietary MaxVision Beam® reflector shapes the high-performance recoil-proof LED’s light into a wide, smooth sphere of light that’s ideal for closer-range identification of threats. Ambidextrous switching provides both momentary- and constant-on activation options. The XC1’s robust but compact body is constructed of lightweight, strong aerospace aluminum, Mil-Spec hard anodized and sealed to repel the elements, it’s plenty rugged enough for everyday carry, and it is so light and compact it won’t weigh you down.





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