SUREFIRE SIDEKICK® Ultra-Compact Multi-Output LED Keychain Flashlight

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Features: Keychain-sized night mauler — and our least expensive handheld light... mehr
Produktinformationen "SUREFIRE SIDEKICK® Ultra-Compact Multi-Output LED Keychain Flashlight"


  • Keychain-sized night mauler — and our least expensive handheld light
  • MaxVision Beam® floods your boundaries with light; triple output: 300, 60 and 5 lumens
  • Recharging convenience via its micro-USB cable — just plug it into a vehicle or wall charger
  • High-performance LED and special faceted reflector produce a broad, smooth MaxVision Beam® optimized for the human eye
  • Easy click-type switch permits access to all 3 output levels with repeated presses
  • Micro-USB charging port permits simple recharging of integral lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Compact, lightweight polymer body is weather resistant; features split ring for easy attachment to keys or carabiner clips
  • Always-accessible light provides countless utility uses, including emergency preparedness
  • Compatible accessories see under this article, Accessories

Connect With Compact Luminosity. Take one of SureFire’s virtually indestructible LED emitters powers it with an integrated, rechargeable LiPo battery and package it in a tough, polymer body. Then make it small and light enough to attach to a keychain. That’s the SureFire Sidekick®, small yet powerful enough for both everyday use and emergencies, with three useful levels of output for security and peace of mind. It operates just like a modern key FOB, igniting the dark well past 50 meters. Its lower settings offer more runtime while providing ample light for reading, close-up work or even navigating outdoors while preserving dark-adapted vision. The Surefire Sidekick gives you the confidence that you’ll always have a reliable, powerful light at your disposal.




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