SUREFIRE M300V-B-Z68-TN SCOUT LIGHT® 3-Volt Vampire w/ M75 Mount

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  • M300V-B-Z68-TN
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  Trust The Gatekeeper. The M300V is the gatekeeper in our line of... mehr
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Trust The Gatekeeper.

The M300V is the gatekeeper in our line of multi-spectrum Scout Lights. Powered by a single 123A lithium battery, it produces 250 lumens of brilliant white light or 100 mW of invisible infrared illumination for use with night vision devices — with no need for IR filters or spare lamps. To switch between white light, disable, and infrared modes you simply twist the front knurled portion of the bezel. In either mode, the M300V's TIR lens produces a tight beam suited for close- to medium-range applications. The M300V comes with a momentary/constant-on push-button tailcap switch. It clamps solidly to any rifle equipped with a Picatinny rail via its integral M75 thumbscrew mount. Constructed of high-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec hard anodizing for superior toughness and corrosion resistance, it’s a battle-proven design, built to withstand the rigors of combat.


  • The quintessential single-cell Scout Light
  • 250 lumens of white light plus 100 mW of IR output
  • Attaches quickly and securely to Picatinny rail-equipped rifles
  • Virtually indestructible IR and white LEDs are regulated to maximize light output and runtime
  • On-the-fly switching between white-light and IR mode — no IR filter required
  • TIR lens shapes versatile beam with enough reach and surround light for medium- to longer-range operations
  • Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body, tempered window and O-ring seals make light rugged, durable, and combat ready
  • Activation via Z68 momentary/constant-on pushbutton switching with protective shroud




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