MAGPUL PMAG® 10 GEN M3 .223 5.56 .300BLK

MAGPUL PMAG® 10 GEN M3 .223 5.56 .300BLK
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  Kompatibel zu allen AR15/M16 Modellen im Kaliber  5.56 NATO / .223 REM / .300... mehr
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Kompatibel zu allen AR15/M16 Modellen im Kaliber 5.56 NATO / .223 REM / .300 BLACKOUT

Kompatibel zu allen Mossberg MVP® Modellen im Kaliber 5.56 NATO / .223 REM / .300 BLACKOUT

NICHT kompatibel zu STEYR AUG Modellen


The next-generation PMAG 10 GEN M3 is a 10-round polymer magazine for AR15/M4 compatible weapons chambered in 5.56x45 NATO / .223 Remington. Along with an expanded feature set and compatibility, the GEN M3 incorporates new material technology and manufacturing processes for enhanced strength, durability, and reliability. The PMAG 10 provides next-generation performance for those needing lower profile magazines.


While the GEN M3 is optimized for Colt-spec AR15/M4 platforms, modified internal and external geometry also permits operation with a range of additional weapons such as the HK® 416/MR556A1/M27 IAR, British SA-80, FN® SCAR™ MK 16/16S, and others.

The PMAG 10 GEN M3 features a long-life stainless steel spring, four-way anti-tilt follower for reliable feeding, and an easy to disassemble flared floorplate to aid extraction and handling of the magazine while providing improved drop protection. A redesigned bolt catch notch in the rear of the magazine provides increased bolt catch clearance, while an over-travel stop on the spine helps ensure the magazine will not over-insert on compatible weapons. In addition, an included pop-off impact / dust cover can optionally be used to minimize debris intrusion and protect against potential damage to the top cartridge during storage and transit.



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