FIREFIELD Compact Bipod 6-9” + Picatinny Adapter

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  Robuster HARRIS Klone, Kompaktversion, von 6-9 Zoll ausziehbar, klappbar, schwenkbar... mehr
Produktinformationen "FIREFIELD Compact Bipod 6-9” + Picatinny Adapter"


Robuster HARRIS Klone, Kompaktversion, von 6-9 Zoll ausziehbar, klappbar, schwenkbar und arretierbar!

Kompatibel zu allen Riemenösen sowie zu allen Picatinny Rails, Picatinny- Adapter bereits im Lieferumfang enthalten!



Ideal for tactical training, competition shooting and hunting, this reliable device is the perfect accessory for any shooter. The Firefield® Compact Bipod features a padded stock mount and adjustable legs that extend to multiple lengths ranging from 6-9 inches in length, ensuring a customized experience. Its compatible body style fits all rifle and shotgun barrels. The unit's rubber feet create maximum stability and its lightweight body is perfect for storage and carry. Featuring a durable aluminum construction, the Compact Bipod is easy to install, attaching to the firearm's swivel stud. The device is equipped with a pivot mount with tension adjustment and requires no firearm modification for use. Included is a picatinny mount adapter.




  • Durable & lightweight
  • Attaches to firearm’s swivel stud
  • Rubber feet for maximum stability
  • Padded stock mount
  • Extends to multiple lengths
  • Pivot mount with tension adjustment
  • Sling attachment
  • Picatinny Mount Adapter Included
Leg Length 6 to 9 inches
Bipod Width (legs not extended) 7 inches
Bipod Height (legs not extended) 7 inches
Bipod Width (legs extended) 10 inches
Bipod Height (legs extended) 10 inches
Dimensions (collapsed) 7.2x3.2x1.7 inches
Weight, oz 14.4 oz

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