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  Das TK3 Bipod ist das Flaggschiff von TACTICAL EVO, bei tschechischem Militär sowie... mehr
Produktinformationen "TACTICAL EVO TK3 M-LOK® Bipod"


Das TK3 Bipod ist das Flaggschiff von TACTICAL EVO, bei tschechischem Militär sowie bei französischen Spezialeinheiten geschätzt.


High-quality and extremely accurate workshop-processed Tactical TK3 is the best possible choice of any tactical shooter, police or military sniper or long-range shooter.

The bipod has been tested in the most extreme conditions that can’t be just partially dealt with and is designed for sports as well as for professional use.

Everything is more precise, constant and accurate, i.e. exactly the way it’s required for combat or tactical task fulfilment. Accurate processing and innovative technical solutions are what many competitive products lack.

As standard, you can choose from three colour designs: BLACK Matte, MAGPUL FDE (H-267), MAGPUL O.D. Green (H-232).



  • Fabrikneues TACTICAL EVO TK3 M-LOK® Bipod 
  • High-End Produkt
  • Schussfest bis 50 BMG
  • Kompatibel zu allen M-LOK® Handguards
  • Widerstandsfähige Cerakote™ Beschichtung
  • Alle Bauteile aus einem vollen Block Flugzeugaluminium gefräst mitttels modernster CNC Technologie
  • Beine in 5 Stufen per gefedertem Drücker justierbar
  • Einstellbereich: Min: 165mm   Max: 230mm (6,5-9")
  • Gesamthöhe: Min: 260mm   Max: 350mm (10,24-13,78")
  • Gewicht: 608g 
  • Zweibein kann komplett zerlegt werden
  • Beine können nach hinten, unten oder nach vorne geklappt werden
  • 45 oder 90 Grad in beiden Richtungen möglich
  • Schwenkbereich 20 Grad, jeweils links und rechts
  • Schwenkbereich voll absperrbar mittels Klemmhebel
  • Die Klemmschraube für den Schwenkbereich verfügt über einen nachsetzbaren Hebel
  • Inklusive Cordura Bipod Case
  • Kein Spezialwerkzeug erforderlich, alle Schrauben können mit Torx- und Inbusschlüsseln gelöst werden.
  • Individuelle Schnittstellen sowie umfangreiches  Bipod Zubehör, siehe unter diesem Artikel, Zubehör
  • Made in Czech Republic


Bipod Tactical TK3 is made from the highest quality duralumin and the overall product processing is at a very high level. Individual parts are milled on modern CNC machines, ensuring maximum accuracy and production quality.

Production quality, maximum processing accuracy and innovative technical solutions are what many competitive products lack. Thanks to high-quality processing and technical solutions, the Tactical TK3 bipod is predestined for long-range precise shooting to meet the most challenging tasks.

Bipod has been tested under the most extreme conditions and is designed for both sports and professional use.

Surface treatment is made from highly resistant CERAKOTE colours. Thanks to this, we can offer three basic colour designs: black, sand and green (black, coyote and khaki). Upon request we can paint any colour from the official CERAKOTE offer.
Bipods are easily adjustable in all axes and allow accurate and stable point setting with respect to the shooter's current need. The patented horizontal pin locking system ensures that the bipod doesn’t release even when shooting with .50 calibre. The feet have a 5-step jump ejecting system and an innovative H-shaped profile ensures their extreme durability, torsional stiffness and self-cleaning capability.

Bipod is fully adjustable and allows smooth „head“ movement and fixation in a range of 20 degrees to the right and left, also legs movement forward and back in a range of 45 and 90 degrees and slide legs out in a range of 165 – 230 mm (6.496 – 9,055in).

Everything is most precise, constant and accurate, i.e. exactly the way it’s required for combat or tactical tasks.

Compared to similar competitive products, the Tactical TK3 bipod also offers the possibility of simply replacing the WEAVER / UIT / MLOK, / KeyMOD rail clamping systems, etc. Therefore, Bipod can be used on multiple weapons with different rail clamping systems without complications. Changing the rail clamping system to another is very quick and takes less than 20 seconds.

As standard, the bipod is fitted with rails designed for tactical use on both the paved and unpaved surfaces, but there is no problem in replacing the rail for a WINTER version, which is designed for use on snow and ice.

The main advantages of Tactical TK3

  • Innovative "H" profile system of the feet for extreme torsional rigidity and self-cleaning capability
  • Patented horizontal pin locking system that doesn’t release even when used with the largest calibres
  • Easy replacement of rail clamping systems (WEAVER, UIT, MLOK, KeyMOD, SPIGOT, SWIVEL)
  • High quality and extremely accurate workshop-processing on CNC machines
  • Made from high quality duralumin
  • Easy to install and use

Recommended accessories

  • MLOK clamping system
  • KeyMOD clamping system
  • UIT clamping system
  • WINTER support rail (for use on snow and ice)

Technical parameters

  • 260–350 mm (10,236-13,780 in)
  • Adjustable height 165 -230 mm (6.496-9.055 inches)
  • Movement of head is possible in 20 degrees right and 20 degrees left (smoothly adjustable).
  • Legs can be adjusted into the forward and back position in a range of 45 and 90 degrees.
  • Weight 620g (1.367 lb)
  • Material AW 7075 T651, AW 6082 T6

Available colours

  • MAGPUL O.D. Green
  • BLACK Matte

Package contains

  • 1 pc Tactical TK3 bipod
  • 1 pc Clamping system, according to the selected variant
  • 1 pc Case for bipod

Bipod Tactical TK3 is completely assembled and designed for immediate use.

Bipod Tactical TK3 is the best choice for precise shooting! We recommend only using original accessories. Use of non-genuine spare parts or accessories may result in Tactical EVO products being damaged or malfunctioning.

Made in Czech Republic.

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