A.T.A.K.A. Kontraktor Cap

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  The A.T.A.K.A. Kontraktor Cap is made of high quality fabric and... mehr
Produktinformationen "A.T.A.K.A. Kontraktor Cap"


The A.T.A.K.A. Kontraktor Cap is made of high quality fabric and designed in a modern style. The cap fits very well on the head and its size can be adjusted using the Velcro at the back. To attach identity identifiers (national flags, unit emblem), personal identifiers (name, blood type) or infrared tags, the front, top and back are equipped with Velcro.

The tactical cap or tactical baseball cap has proved its worth in the last conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan due to its comfort and versatility. Caps of this model are used not only by the military, but also by operators of private security offices, police and many other agencies. It can often be found under the name of a tactical cap or tactical baseball cap.

The whole inner part is made of special lining fabric and for ventilation the cap is equipped with metal bushings. New camouflage fabric and inner fabric with a high proportion of natural fibers provides better ventilation at high temperatures.

The cap is produced in four color combinations.

Key advantages

  • comfort in high temperatures
  • pquality manufacturing and high variability
  • made of very resistant material
  • possibility to attach identifiers (flag, unit sign, blood type, etc.)

Supplied sizes

  • Size: Unisize from 56-62 cm

Supplied colours

  • Sand (COYOTE)
  • Green (KHAKI) 
  • Camouflage (MultiCAM)
  • Camouflage (PenCott GREEN ZONE)

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