A.T.A.K.A. Tortila Sniper Camouflage Dress

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  Hooded Vest sowie Fadentarnung nicht im Angebotspreis inkludiert,... mehr
Produktinformationen "A.T.A.K.A. Tortila Sniper Camouflage Dress"


Hooded Vest sowie Fadentarnung nicht im Angebotspreis inkludiert, kompatibles Zubehör siehe unter diesem Artikel, Zubehör

Hooded vest and thread camouflage not included, compatible accessories see under this article, accessories



The Tortila Sniper Camouflage Dress is designed and used as a separate camouflage element or in conjunction with a camouflage vest.

The camouflage dress was developed to quickly and efficiently disguise the silhouette of a human figure and hide equipment or backpack on the back. In use, it allows you to hide your position and create your own camouflage using the surrounding vegetation that easily enters the prepared camouflage fields.

The entire system is octagonal with undulating edges. The upper part has a semicircular neckline on the head and the lower part has a semicircular protrusion for masking the legs.

The camouflage dress is made of a mixed camouflage fabric or mesh fabric sewn on top. The mooring lines are always made in the same camouflage as the whole system and do not contrast against its background.

The whole kit is equipped with adjustable belts, anchor belts, cords and buckles, which allow high variability of use, installation, adjustment and adjustment.

Key advantages

  • effective and fast camouflage of human figure and material
  • many uses
  • in use by military snipers

Supplied colours

  • PenCott (GREEN ZONE)

Package contains

  • 1  pcs Tortila Sniper Camouflage dress
  • Hooded vest and thread camouflage NOT included

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