TACTICAL EVO Lenta Elastic Mirage Band

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  The Lenta mirage band is designed for all types of rifles and is made from highly... mehr
Produktinformationen "TACTICAL EVO Lenta Elastic Mirage Band"


The Lenta mirage band is designed for all types of rifles and is made from highly durable and elastic material designed to divert heat from the barrel in order to avoid the negative effects of mirage.


The mirage is a thermal phenomenon that causes optical illusion. This results in a misleading target movement, so you shoot somewhere other than where you’re aiming.

The Lenta is very easy to install on all types of long weapons, which have an adequate catch at the muzzle (most muzzle brakes).

Installation is easy and the Lenta is suitable for all common types and lengths.

Key advantages:

  • High quality and very accurate design
  • Made from light and high quality materials

Technical parameters:

  • Width 420 mm (1.37 ft.)
  • Length 50 mm (0.16 ft.)

The packaging contain:

  • 1 pc Lenta (mirage band)

Tactical EVO, a great choice for your precise shooting.

Made in Czech Republic


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