TACTICAL EVO Extreme Outdoor Tactical Pad CAMO

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  The EXTREME outdoor tactical pad has been manufactured continuously since 2014, is... mehr
Produktinformationen "TACTICAL EVO Extreme Outdoor Tactical Pad CAMO"


The EXTREME outdoor tactical pad has been manufactured continuously since 2014, is made of highly durable materials and has been tested by dozens of military and sport shooters.



  • TACTICAL EVO Outdoor Tactical Pad EXTREME
  • MIL-Standard
  • Unterste Schicht gummiert, wasserabweisend
  • Gepolstertes Innenmaterial für steinige Untergründe
  • Oberste Schicht mit Tarnmuster
  • Faltbar
  • Abnehmbarer Schultergurt
  • Inklusive Bipod Schlaufensystem
  • Abmessungen: 1900 x 600mm 

Erhältlich in den Farben:

  • Camouflage (Multicam

The bottom layer is rubberised to protect against moisture in the wet or snow. The inner layer is made of plastic foam for comfort when lying on a rocky surface. The top layer is cordurized and may be provided with a camouflage pattern.

The pad has a practical seat that allows waterproof sitting on wet grass, straps for anchoring (stabilization) bipod (legs) or the possibility of use as a support for shooting. All in minimal dimensions and light weight.

EXTREME pad increases shooting comfort in the field, on a rocky ground and in the snow, and at the same time can serve as a quality mat, with which you can comfortably lie down to sleep. Tough tests in the ATO zone in the winter of 2014 showed high performance and modifiability of the whole kit.

The pad can be easily folded to 1/8 of its size and conveniently moved or attached to the rucksack thanks to two firmly sewn grips. Also includes a long detachable shoulder strap.

Key advantages

  • the pad can be used as a support
  • suitable for sitting and lying
  • straps for stabilizing legs (do not jump when shooting)
  • high quality and very precise processing
  • made of very durable materiál
  • perfect technical solution with many practical features

Supplied colors

  • Camouflage (MultiCAM)

Technical parameters


  • Length 1900 mm (6.30 ft.)
  • Width 600 mm (1.97 ft.)


  • Length 210 mm (0.69 ft.)
  • Width 600 mm (1.97 ft.)
  • Height  100 mm (0,328 ft)

Weight: 1,35kg (2,976 lb)

Package contains

  • 1 pc Outdoor tactical pad EXTREME, according to the selected color


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