TACTICAL EVO SA58 CSA vz.58 Picatinny mount with stock adapter

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  Picatinny mount with stock adapter for SA submachine gun vz. 58 / CSA VZ 58 is... mehr
Produktinformationen "TACTICAL EVO SA58 CSA vz.58 Picatinny mount with stock adapter"


Picatinny mount with stock adapter for SA submachine gun vz. 58 / CSA VZ 58 is currently a necessary accessory for every shooter who is at least a little serious about shooting from this iconic Czechoslovak self-loading assault rifle. Submachine gun vz. 58 was a great weapon for its time and for its design qualities it serves in the armed forces to this day. As for its popularity among civilian shooters, there is no need to elaborate on it. There is no one who does not know him.

With regard to the year of origin, the biggest design disadvantage of this weapon is the impossibility of attaching the optics and the stock tilted at an angle. Both shortcomings make it difficult to shoot and hit the target. These are aspects that need to be eliminated in the current concept of shooting.

Both of these fundamental shortcomings are solved by our mounting for the SA 58 and you can choose for which type of stock the mounting you need. You can buy a version for FAB Defense stocks, AR design or for the popular ZHUKOV Yugo stock. Of course, there is also a version for the original original stocks, ie folding stock (scythe) or fixed stock (paddle).

How does it work? The mounting consists of three separate parts, which are a weaver (picatinny) rail for mounting the optics, an alignment segment, which also allows the weaver rail to be mounted, and finally a reduction for the type of stock used. The reductions for the stocks are freely interchangeable, so if you replace the stock with another model, it is enough to replace the reduction.

  • WEAVER (picatinny) rail - allows the optics to be attached
  • COMPENSATING segment - compares the disadvantage of the original "oblique stock" and allows you to benefit from the advantages of IN LINE design
  • REDUCTION of the stock - the reduction module allows to use, in addition to the standard (original stock), one of the three most popular stocks on the market (FAB Defense, AR design or ZHUKOV Yugo)

Key advantages

  • It does not change the firing of the weapon after dismounting and subsequent remounting
  • Easy mounting and dismounting of the system
  • Quick exchange of reductions
  • Quality and precise workshop processing on CNC machines

Technical parameters

  • Weaver rail length 144mm (5,669in)
  • Width 31mm (1.22in)
  • Height 73mm (2,874in)
  • Total length 144mm to 155mm (5,669 - 6,102in) depending on the selected reduction
  • Weight approx. 170g (0.374 lb) according to the selected reduction
  • Material AW 6082T6 Aluminium
  • The surface treatment is solved with black anodizing

Supplied colors

  • Black (BLACK)

Package contains

  • 1 pc WEAVER rail
  • 1 pc BALANCING segment
  • No stock included!

We recommend using only original accessories. The use of non-genuine spare parts or accessories may damage Tactical EVO products or cause them to malfunction.


  • TACTICAL EVO SA58 vz.58 Picatinny Zielfernrohrmontage mit Schaft- Adapterstück
  • Massive und hochwertige Fertigung
  • Kompatibel zu allen SA 58 / vz. 58 / CSA VZ 58 Modellen
  • Abgebildete Schaftvariante nicht im Angebotspreis enthalten


Made in Czech Republic


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