A.T.A.K.A. Nomad Backpack 40L

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  The  A.T.A.K.A. Nomad Backpack is ranked among small size... mehr
Produktinformationen "A.T.A.K.A. Nomad Backpack 40L"


The  A.T.A.K.A. Nomad Backpack is ranked among small size backpacks (40 liters). It is a very precisely processed and balanced product that combines all the necessary features, both for everyday use and for use in the most difficult conditions.

The whole backpack is equipped with MOLLE system and allows maximum modularity and interchangeability of individual elements. 

Key advantages:

  • optimal volume of main compartment (40 liters) is suitable for logistics and travel
  • optimal size and weight distribution allows working in confined spaces, trenches or when lying down
  • anatomical shoulder straps and padding on the back and mesh for improved ventilation increase comfort and reduce fatigue
  • the lower part of the lumbar cushion is reinforced and protects against dirt
  • reinforced bottom and side walls
  • spacious inner pockets for smaller things
  • quick access to the backpack from any side
  • tightening straps for retrieving (compression) things in the main compartment
  • side pull-down straps (4 pieces) with extended length
  • MOLLE interface all over the backpack for attaching additional pockets, tents, sleeping bags, weapons, etc.
  • inner pocket for hydration bag or in normal mode eg for carrying notebook
  • in the right and left shoulder strap the possibility of attaching the hydration bag
  • hose eyelets for eventual discharge of water from all parts of the backpack
  • in a set of 8 additional anchor strips of different lengths
  • he identification panel on the front of the backpack and the owner's personal information panel
  • precise workmanship and high variability that easily adapts to any task
  • made of very durable material

Technical parameters:

  • total volume 40 liters
  • weight approximately 1kg (2,205 lb) when installing all parts

Supplied colours:

  • Camouflage (CAMO)
  • Camouflage (PenCott GREEN ZONE)

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