JP LTC-19™ Tactical Ready Rifle .308 WIN 18"

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  LTC-19™ Light-Weight Precision Upper Shaving ounces is the never-ending quest... mehr
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LTC-19™ Light-Weight Precision Upper

Shaving ounces is the never-ending quest of the rifle builder. Lighter weight without a compromise to quality or integrity is the true challenge.

The LTC-19™ fills a much-requested hole in our large-frame line-up as a traditional top-charge platform. The newest of our next generation receiver designs, the LTC-19™ maintains the signature JP styling and durability while shedding weight. This makes the LTC-19™ great for an easy carry precision build and the optimum for a light-weight hunter or competition rig.

Like our other large-frame offerings, the LTC-19™ is available with the complete range of JP operating systems from our adjustable VMOS™ steel carrier for optimum suppressed use all the way to our lightest option, the ultra low mass aluminum JPBC-8. With barrel lengths running from 14.5” out to 22” in a range of calibers, the LTC-19™ is ready to be whatever you need it to be. The only constants are light-weight JP precision and quality.


LTC-19™ Tactical Ready Rifle


The LTC-19 Tactical Ready Rifle is the ultimate all around 308 tactical top charging platform. With its 18” light barrel in 308 Winchester it offers a lot of versatility. The rifle performs well in tighter spaces as well as stretching it out to approximately 800 yards. With the collapsible UBR Stock it gives you the ability to fit the length a pull for any situation and a wide variety of shooters. From LE, to competition, hunting, or just all around use you cannot go wrong.


Receivers Machined billet LTC-19™ top-charge upper with LRP-07™ lower >>>
Finish Matte Black
Caliber .308 Win.
Barrel 18" Supermatch™ | light contour | 1:11.25 twist | rifle gas system >>>
Muzzle Competition Series Compensator >>>
Barrel Finish Black Teflon® | JP Jam Nut
Heat Sink n/a
Hand Guard MK III Rapid Configuration | XXL (17.25” OAL) >>>
Charging Handle Radian Raptor-LT >>>
Gas System Detent adjustment | low profile >>>
Operating System LMOS™ QPQ stainless steel bolt carrier | HP EnhancedBolt™ >>>
Buffer Silent Captured Spring >>>
Trigger 3.5-4.0 lbs. | Curved >>>
Stock Magpul UBR Carbine Gen. 2 >>>
Grip Hogue >>>
Accessories Large-frame accessory pack, QD sling swivel, 2" modular rail, 30mm/1" flattop scope mount, thread protector, JP 2-point sling
Length (min.) 38 in.
Weight 8.8 lbs.




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